What is IVB7 webcaster? The WebCaster equipment has been one of IVB7’s greatest innovations for video streaming. When a professional video camera is directly connected on to the IVB7 WebCaster device, the Webcaster digitizes the captured media content (both audio & video). Moreover, it seamlessly works along popular video editing applications. Apart from streaming online, editing is also possible with this webcasting device. IVB7 WebCaster is a device full of innovation from part to part designed to stream High Quality videos. IVB7 Webcaster is bandwidth-friendly which leverages multiple bitrate encoding and flawless streaming to ensure viewers of all Internet connection speeds can view the media stream. Using the combined power of IVB7 WebCaster, IVB7 Portal and IVB7 WebStreamer, you can practically stream from anywhere to any platform even when you’re on the go. Salient features of IVB7 webcaster 1. Portability – Mountable on top of any Professional Video Camera | Also available as table-top model. 2. Live video preview – Built-in high quality mini LCD monitor for video preview and testing before publishing the media content live in the internet. 3. Multiple video inputs – Switch between multiple video inputs on the fly 4. Audio mixing – Mix audio from various sources on the fly 5. Built-in volume controls to adjust the volume of the input stream 6. Built-in microphone and speaker 7. Optimized for encoding video that’s right for any kind of Video Streaming 8. Use it for One-way or Two-way streaming. Fully Customizable Customize almost everything in the IVB7 Pack a. Fully branded player – This enables the customers to have their company logo in the player. Highly helpful in brand building. b. Custom skinning for the player – This authorizes the users to design the theme/ skin of the player matching their website theme. Right from the player controls to the buffering overlay, every part of the player is customizable; c. Fully branded portal – The portal is fully customizable and allows the customers to design their own theme. Customers are also free to use the pre-defined templates to instantly create websites for their clients.



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